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Adopt "naturelle" cleaning habits

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Keep a neat interior, clean your kitchen tiles, your bathroom, your toilets or clean your laundry: for each space, each room, any fabric, you have a range of specific products that you buy in supermarkets. If you are reading this post, you might want to change your habits.

Yes, it is possible to clean your house in a simple and sustainable way, by replacing aggressive and chemical products by natural material.

To start your journey and adopt new habits in your day-to-day cleaning, follow-me. I will give you some tips and know-how when using natural ingredients and essential oils for cleaning your house and your laundry.

Today, I'd like to start by giving you an idea of the products you need to move to a natural way of cleaning. You might have them already in your cupboard or in your garage, not knowing that you have everything you need already.

Changing to those products, you'll keep your house clean but you'll make some economy as well - it is way cheaper than expensive chemical products that you don't need. Importantly, you'll keep your house from chemical emanation and trace left by chemical products.

So, you'll have a clean house with no air pollution coming from your cleaning products. If you have children at home, what a release to know that they (and you!) breathe a cleaner air!

What are those natural essentials:

* Sodium bicarbonate (B-carb)

* Washing soda (soda crystals)

* Sodium Percabonate

* Soap

* Vinegar or citric acid

So, ready to dive in?

Let's go to recipes and details of this products.

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