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I'm here to clean and whithen your teeth at the same time. I'm not just a teeth withening. What is my secret ingredient? Certified Organic Siwak powder! 

And to make sure that I give you a bit a freshness, I am made with Peppermint Essential Oil. 


What is Siwak?

Traditionnally used as a natural toothbrush in India and in Africa, the Siwak woodstick or Miswak has purfying proprieties recognised. We offer it as a powder inside our toothpowder. Siwak help to take care of your gums and cleanse your mouth. 


Why activated Charcoal? 

Activated charcoal has interesting properties that may make it effective for teethwhitening.

Charcoal Toothpowder

  • I am a Powder. 

    To use me, first, wet your toothbrush, then dip it in the powder, and brush. 

    Be careful - Charcoal is black and can tint your clothes.