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I am a 100% Olive Oil Soap with the fresh and floral scent of French Lavender Essential Oil. 


All our soaps are handcrafted in Perth WA, they are all natural cold processed soap with essential oil used for their proprieties and perfume. we did not use any chemical perfume. 


What is cold processed soap? 

Cold processed is a method of making soap that has been used for centurys. You mix lye with oils (Olive, Coconut, Shea butter...) and leve to cure/dry for at least 4 weeks. We call it saponification. At the end of the cure period (that can vary depending of the type of oils and ingredients you use), your soap is ready to be used. All trace of lye have disappeared. The finished product is 100% all natural soap. 

Lavender all natural cold processed soap

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  • 100% Olive Oil with Essential Oil Soap

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