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I'm here to clean your teeth. I'm not just a teeth withening. What is my secret ingredient? Certified Organic Siwak powder! 

And to make sure that I give you a bit a freshness, I am made with Peppermint Essential Oil. 

Ideal to replace your industrial toothpaste with only natural ingredients!


What is Siwak? 

Traditionnally used as a natural toothbrush in India and in Africa, the Siwak woodstick or Miswak has purfying proprieties recognised. We offer it as a powder inside our toothpowder. Siwak help to take care of your gums and cleanse your mouth. 

25g - 2-4 months use. Keep it dry. 

Siwak Toothpowder

  • I am a Powder. 

    How to use me:

    First, wet your toothbrush, then dip it in the powder, and brush. 

    That's it! Easy! 

    Keep me dry and close the lid after use.